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Some of our services


Graphic Design

Whether it’s a logo, business card, brochure or other marketing material, we can work with you to craft the perfect brand image for your business.

Brand Identity

Setting yourself apart in the market is the best way to succeed: We can help you create or develop your brand to stand out from your competitors.

Web Design

We aim to design an attractive website, consistent with the look and feel of your business, for the purpose of extending your brand identity.

Web Development

Creating a website is not enough; smart development is about catering your content for search engines, and to provide your customers with easy access to your services or products.

Maintenance & Fixes

If keeping your website functional is taking too much of your time, we offer maintenance packages and fixes on demand.

Photography & Video

In need of corporate portraits? Product shots? A marketing clip? We have you covered. Ask us for a quote.

Building the future

The history of inde[x] Web Media starts all the way back in 2000, where the building blocks of design and branding know-how were stacking up to create what inde[x] is today.

12 years in fashion photography in Milan and 8 years in small business in SA have equipped our project with the know-how and the understanding crucial to small business and their communication needs.

For a more comprehensive and personalised support of your business, inde[x] Web Media, under its umbrella, provides you with the professional you need for the task at hand.

Services will be expanding and today we are proud to offer you:

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development, including maintenance services and fixes
  • Hosting and e-mail services
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Video services

Our professionals will also coordinate together, if required, so that there's no need for you to pass info of your project around and keep track of all the threads and communication with the various “departments”.

All these disciplines can be put at work for your business to succeed, without the extra ongoing costs of a big agency added to your final invoice.

We can help with identifying the weaknesses and strengths of your existing business' presence, to improve the overall brand perception.

We believe that we can contribute to our community by supporting small and local businesses.

We can tailor your on-line branding and various digital communication media (social media, e-mail marketing, newsletters, digital ad services etc), and help you manage the best tools for your venture.

We always welcome new challenges:

Don’t be shy, call us for more info or a chat about your project.